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5 years ago #114903

I am importing trade data into QA4 via a csv file which is working fine.
The data is the actual results of multiple EAs from MT4 (EAs are running across different symbols and different timeframes on same symbols). Given multiple symbols the data is imported as a portfolio. To analyse individual EAs I then split the portfolio into individual strategies.
Unfortunately this approach does not allow me to set the timeframe for the individual strategies – the majority of calculated data is unaffected except for the calculations that are based on number of bars, e.g. “Avg # of Bars in Win”.
Is there a workaround for this or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance.

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5 years ago #135912

Hi Matt,


I am not sure I fully understand but bear in mind that Quant Analyzer does not have the price data available. So based on MetaTrader report it cannot calculate stuff like “Avg # of Bars …” since the only values available are trade entry price & trade exit price. This stat value is available though when importing STR strategy file from StrategyQuant


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