Enter from certain amount of pips (bollinger)

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8 years ago #111363


I am trying to build quite a simple EA using bollinger bands.

One feature i would like is that trades will only open when the market price is 15 pips away from the SMA of the bolinger

either in a buy direction or a sell direction. Meaning there would have to be enough volatility so that when the market hits the

upper band or lower band of the bollinger it is itleast 15 pips from the bollinger SMA before it will open a short or long order.


To do this do i just create a new rule on the lines of


open > SMA …. but how do i tell it just 15 pips above or below etc…







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8 years ago #122075


This is a good question and useful function of EA Wizard.


Basically, you use the Function, Addition.  In one parameter, you choose Moving Average, Simple.  In the Second parameter, you will choose Number.  


In the Number field, you can either choose a variable (that you setup in the Strategy tab; this allows you to change the number at any time) or you just type the number 15 in now.


I have attached an example of this.





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8 years ago #122088

Hi, thank you for the reply, i think i have sorted it out now, just waiting for the market to open again to see if i done it correctly.


I have another tweak im wanting to do,


I want that after the EA has opened a deal, in this case im using when it crosses a bolinger band for example the upper, that it creates a sell at the close of the next candle, this i

have done already, now i want that after the sell goes down a bit and dose not hit its take profit and goes back up again to the upper bollinger band and closes over it for the second time, then

this second time it will open a second sell but with a higher lot size, so if for example the first time it crosses it opens 0.02, the second time it will open 0.03, the next time 0.05 and so on… and also

that it will be able to change take profits for each trade it opens at my choice.


Is this possible to do in the EA wizard somehow?





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