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    How do i add Time Delay of let say 6 Hours before opening any new postion in my EA



    i have rule 1 and rule 2 , After Rule 1  order opens i want EA to wait at least 6 Hours before any new position for Rule 2 is taken


    Basically EA has to wait 6 hours before it can open any new position for rule 2

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    Hello 100k,


    you can use the function ‘Bars Since Order Open’ for a break between open first and open second order.


    Second order:


    Bars Since Order Open (Magic [first order]) >=  Number (6 bars [example for H1 timeframe])




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    I tried to do it and it works when we are on timeframe H1 (I guess because we use 6 for timeframe).


    On the other hand, if you are working on M30 as timeframe and you use 12 bars, this method stops working. I think this function is not working when bars goes over 10.


    I hope Mark is answering this.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I just tried to make an example in Wizard I attach here – use exit after 15 bars on 30 min timeframe and it works well.

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