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    I’m sorry not to speak ENGLISH fluently.

    I am considering purchasing an SQX.

    I am using the “Builder” in the demo version.

    I try to create Simple logic to check the Builder’s movement.

    Let me ask you two questions.

    ① Is it possible to display parameters such as MAPeriod and TPpips in the Data bank?
    Or is there any way to check the parameters other than looking at the source code?

    ② It isn’t finished to create the logics in Builder. How do I create logic with just the parameters what I want?

    For Example) As the Test,I want to create only two “Bar closes above MA logics”. It have parameter of MAPeriod 10,20.

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    1) unfortunately parameters cannot be shown like this in the current version but this could be integrated into a future version in some way for a better orientation when generating strategies. We will consider this with developers
    2) go to builder-> building blocks -> signals -> moving average -> here is the list of signals you want to use “bar closes above/below MA” + click on the Default link so you can preset some parameters that would be used during the build process

    Let us know if any questions.

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    ① Is there any other way to view the logic than looking at the source code or editing the strategy in the database?

    ② I have already tried that method. If all parameters are fixed, is one logic created?

    I am in trouble because it does not happen so far. The settings are attached last time.


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    1) unfortunately no other currently

    2) yes, if you set all fixed only 1 setting will be used. If you want to try different values for the indicator you need to define multiple Parameter sets (Default set 1, Default set 2, etc …)

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    Thank you for answering.

    I was able to solve this problem.

    I was misunderstanding  that defined multiple setting are presets that use only the selected one.


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