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    Whats the current status with the dev team with regards to nested indicators in Algo Wizard?

    I know it’s a topic thats been discussed previously on the forum, the Discord channel and also proposed feature tickets have been raised.

    Can we get a definitive current state of play with this either negative or positive. If the decision has been made not to implement this what are the reasons behind that decision?

    If it is going to be implemented where are we with it in the roadmap and what build will it likely appear?

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    this have been planned but got low priority. We are not sure when and even if this going to be implemented

    If enough of other users upvote this too we could change the plan

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    Thanks for the update. To be honest I think it’s an important missing feature. Having the ability to do this creates a lot of flexibility and removes the burden of having to be able to code java for many algos that can then be done simply by the user.

    I’m surprised it’s been deemed low priority by the devs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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