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    I’m doing robustness testing for strategies created on BTC USD. To test the strategies on another market, what market would be appropriate? Or would you just take a pass on this test?


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    I would say other cryptos could be a good option to see how the system works for them. Generally it is tough to decide based on the fact that BTCUSD is now super-bullish hard to compare with anything else …

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    crypto trading with SQX, i think its not possible – lack of data, lack of brokers (different specs, different trading hours), crazy market behavior – 100x bigger candles than a year ago – no simple strategy logic from SQX will beat these huuuuge changes

    i see only 1 solution – to get with our strategies to the exchange itself, like binance – but we dont have bridge between SQX and binance

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    Binance has a fairly straight forward API so a “bridge” between SQX psuedo code and Binance seems possible.

    My question would more be how does one even setup the build parameters in SQX to work with crypto instruments?  What do spread, slippage, pips, etc even mean in the case of crypto?  Can someone provide examples of how these parameters would be used?

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