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    Is there a way where I can building strategies but force a certain condition?


    For example, I want to build strategies as normal but I want to ensure that all the strategies I build trade when price is above 100 day Moving Average.

    Or perhaps, build strategies that trade only where RSI is above 80.. and be able to set if this is only a sell or only a buy trade.

    If there is, I am not sure how to do this. I see that there is a required column in the exit types under the Building Blocks tab and I thought perhaps there was a required column that I could use in the signals or indicators section.



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    you can do this by setting up a template using AlgoWizard.

    You can proceed in few steps:

    1. open SQX -> switch to AlgoWizard
    2. create a condition you like
    3. switch to ‘Template mode’ (Setting -> Advanced and check ON)
    4. add the ‘Random condition’ block – this will make sure the strategy will also contain a randomly chosen condition
    5. save the template and set it up in Builder using the ‘What to build -> Strategy from template’ mode
    6. now run the build. Eeach strategy generated will contain your condition + some other randomly added

    Check the example attached and this article

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    That’s really handy.. thank you so much !

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