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    Hi guys!

    My CPU usage used to sit at 100% constant in SQ up to 126. Setting is use all cores but 1 for gpu.

    With 127 it looks like this:


    Is this working correctly?


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    is it the very same config used previously in b126?

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    try to use more islands if you have strong PC specs and if you are building on higher TFs…dont know nothing about your settings, so hard to say

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    Yeah tomas, same settings. 8 islands. I rolled back and it is back to 100% CPU usage. This is nothing more then speculation but perhaps it had something to do with the memory issue mentioned and some memory swapping that it was doing? I do not know, but the memory is only DDR3-1866.

    Thought given working on some issues with the latest build (I had to roll back to 126 cause it was also pausing regularly) you might like  the report.

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    Yes I have the same pb and after strategy quant stop.


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