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    I’m creating custom SQX java indicators to match indicators I’ve built in MultiCharts.

    I’ve worked through the development and just need to test.

    How do I setup and use the SQ_IndyExport strategy in MultiCharts when testing my SQX indicator?

    I’ve found documentation that describes how to do this with MetaTrader here:

    But I haven’t found a description to do this with MultiCharts.

    I assume I just have to modify the last Print statement in SQ_IndyExport to match some configuration of parameters for my indicator, ie the below code is for testing MACD with parameters 8,52,16,1 using Close as the Input.

    Print(File(“D:\\Coding\\Java\\Eclipse\\StrategyQuant\\strategyquant4\work_directory\StrategyQuant\\tests\\Indicators\\MultiCharts\\MACD_SIGNAL_CLOSE_8_52_16.txt”), FormatDate( “yyyy.MM.dd”, ElDateToDateTime( Date[1] )), ” “, FormatTime( “hh:mm:ss”, ElTimeToDateTime( Time[1] )), “;”, Open[1], “;”, High[1], “;”, Low[1], “;”, Close[1], “;”, Volume[1], “;”, NumToStr(SQ_MACD(Close, 8, 52, 16, 1)[1], 6));

    Any best practices here?  Or more documentation?


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    yes, you just need to modify the last two active code lines in SQ_IndyExport and replace the indicators reference names from “SQ_MACD” to the names your indicators use and also set correct parameters. Then you can run the script and the data file will be created for the SQX test

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