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    When trying to export to MT4  fxt and hst,  When cllicking ‘select’ and selecting the output folder / MT4 installation, I get an error response in the bottom right pop up [Details: Unknown Communication Error] .  And the MT4 Data Folder and server fields which are usually automatically generated are not updated.  I can’t export data.

    Notes:  MT4 installation is on an external HD.  (G:\ …. ) in portable mode.

    Quantdatamanager is also installed there.


    Is there any way to solve that problem?

    I don’t want to install mt4 or Quantdatamanager on the computer drive because of large data files.



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    have you tried to export to a different location? I have check with an external flash drive and all working good with MetaTrader4 set to the portable mode

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    Thanks for the response.

    For hst/fxt files

    #1. [QDM on external G drive] to [MT4 on O.S. C drive] is no problem.

    #2. [MT4 on O.S. C drive] copy to [MT4(portable) on external G drive] is no problem.

    #3. [QDM on external G drive] to [MT4(portable) on external G drive] I can’t do.   QDM can’t pull the data folder and server fields it needs, and the error message appears.


    These files are large, and copy/move is very time consuming so I would love to solve the problem and use #3.




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