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    I don’t know how this happen, but it indeed behaves differently for different brokers.

    For one broker (blueberry markets), when I look up its MT4 journal, it delete all pending orders at Friday exit time(20:00) as what I set. (also shows OrderDeleteReliable success)

    But for another broker (IG markets), it does nothing, even does not show any message/keyword about OrderDeleteReliable. So it cause pending orders after Friday.


    They run base on exactly the same MT4 code, although they were placed in different VPS (one in England, another in Japan), but both VPS’s timezone are adjust to the same (UTC+0).

    I’d tried to read the source code to figure it out, but OMG when I open it I found there were totally 6600 lines.

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    I want to add that the abnormal one was happen in IG markets, an UK broker , so I think TZ might not be a problem in this case. Since all my source data and SQX settings are in UTC+0

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    i am using 7 brokers and dont have any problem with exiting friday

    UTC0? really – most brokers have UTC2, so for me its strange that you are talking about time in UTC0…it doenst matter what time is in VPS, what matter the broker time…

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    I opened IG’s mt4 (the abnormal one), the last minute bar of the chart is 21:57:00, also the “Market Watch” time is end at :21:58.59. I think that is broker’s time, isn’t it.

    So I guess that is the UTC0 (pls correct me if I am wrong).

    presumably when I set Friday close at 20:00, it should close all pending orders before 21:57:00, that the MT4(my strategy) is based on.

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