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3 weeks ago #274974

As an input to Builder, I’d like to use both an external price data source and an external indicator, both using ‘Intraday’ Timeframe (ie, 150 ticks). I’ve exported a file from MultiCharts that includes both price OHLCV data and indicator data. I’m able to import both in SQX, first using Data Manager / Data Sources / File Import for the OHLCV data, and then Data Manager / External Indicators / Import Indicator Data for the indicator data.

The problem is that only the price data import recognizes the file as ‘Intraday’ timeframe, while the External Indicator import recognizes the same file as ‘tick’ timeframe. Unfortunately, although the Data import wizard for price data has an ‘imported timeframe’ dropdown to select the timeframe, the External Indicator wizard does not, and just incorrectly autodetects.

How can I use ‘intraday’ timeframe external price data and external indicator data?



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2 weeks ago #275070


can you please send the data sample to [email protected]? I can further investigate


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