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    I am frustrated because for a very long time I have asked SQ to edit that the ‘what if’ scenario so it could allow us to exclude certain currency pairs in a portfolio which are underperforming. Also after a what if scenario is rendered it would be especially useful to still be able to see the individual currency pairs’ performance, as at the moment after ‘what if’ you can only see the portfolio performance as a whole.

    I’ve suggested this in the roadmap but my suggestion has been ignored

    If SQ don’t want to include this feature or can’t be bothered, what seems like a very logical and useful filter, please can someone custom code this into my Quant Analyzer, I will be willing to pay MONEY for this, just let me know asap. Thankyou



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    I see your request here Thanks for adding it. Developers will look into this as soon as possible and consider adding into next QA build

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