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    Im trying to understand if Strategyquant can  help me build a strategy with a hedge so that if an entry moves say 1 x daily atr my loosing position is maintained but a hedge is taken in the opposite direction. i understand i can have a market reverse entry but this is not quite the same.

    Can some please help me understand if this can be selected in the build process? If yes which options do i need to select to be able to do that?


    thanks in advance

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    in build process you cant set anything like this – we can build only strategies with the building blocks provided

    there is also Algowizard, where you can write your manual strategy, but this need some experience

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    we did not implement such method since we cannot see any benefits from using this. If are are losing money and open an opposite position that will be winning the same amount you are losing, what is the point of having such position? What if you enter the “hedge position” and market turns in your favor right away. Your hedge will keep you in drawdown you have achieved so far so it does not help you at all … maybe there are some benefits but we cannot see them

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