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    Hello, I am not sure about the setting for stock market, please give me some advice.

    In some stock market,  I must buy 100 shares as 1 lots when entry.

    So is the point value 100?

    And the commission is 2%% of stock value when buy or sell, so the set commission as 4%%?

    There is a MM for stock also, Stocks size by price, in Money management, the lots is computed as Balance/Stock Size,

    What does the stock size mean? Does it means that I trade every time with full position?

    Thank you for any help.

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    The correct point value for stocks is 1 unit of a currency. Commission can be set as 0.01 % (round-turn) for example depends on how your broker charges commissions for stocks whether it is a fixed value or %

    If you have a broker that allows to trades blocks of 100s only you can also set the point value as 100

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    Let’s say your balance is 10.000 $ and maximum size set to 10.000 $ this means that you trade every time with full position. However, if you set maximum size to 1.000 $ while keeping your balance at 10.000 $ this means that you trade every time with 10% position. Of course, these ratios will decrease as your account balance increases. If you want to trade with full position regardless balance increase then set maximum size above account balance. For example, 10.000 $ account balance and 100.000 $ maximum size.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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