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    Hi there,

    I am implementing my own indicator and I would like to use the external talib java jar. I implemented the indicator and it gives no error when compiling it. However, when I go to “AlgoWizard” and “Run a quick backtest” it gives me the following error: “NoClassDefFoundError”.

    So, at this point, I was wondering if it’s possible to import external jars. Is it possible? how is it possible to do that?


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    I would like to see that SQ could support this!

    But how to convert the external indicators to MT4/TS/MC’s?

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    Ok so correct me if I’m wrong but it¡s not possible nowadays, right?

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    currently the only way is to add a new code snippets like shown in the tutorials here

    Have you checked that?

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    Hi, tomas262:
    I checked that. The thing is that I am not interested in implementing my own indicator. What I want to do is use an external jar library where there are already implemented a bunch o indicators.

    As far as I have been able to discover, it seems it is not possible to use any external jar.


    Mark Fric
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    unfortunately it is not that simple. The mode we use for computing indicators doesn’t allow for simple calling libraries like talib.

    Our indicator snippets are called on every bar update, while talib uses model that calls one function that computes values on whole data, it is a different approach.


    We ‘d have to add a special support for that, and I don’t think this is our priority at the moment.




    StrategyQuant architect

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