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    I wanted to use a combination of indicators to open and close trades and the SL/TP does not work when choosing “use indicator levels” in the same fields.  Trades float for 300+ days.  I get a perfect curve, but it is impossible because the DD shows 10% but with trades floating that long.  So,  the other area to set a hard TP/SL is under trading options.  But the issue here is that you have to select “limit time range” before turning on “exit at end of range”.  For market entry orders, you obviously do not want to limit the time range of the trade.  But I still need to use the TP/SL range.

    Please see attached and let me know how to do this.  Thanks.

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    the way you set it allows trades to be to closed either by profit target exit rule or stop-loss exit rule

    If you want to then limit max SL use correctly “Maximum SL” and “Maximum PT” and keep the min value set to 0. This can cause a trade to last for a long time so if you want to force an exit after certain time there are more options like use of a template or exit after bars

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    Thank you.  I know how the range inputs work.  But, what I am trying to explain is that you need to turn on the time range first before you can turn on the TP/SL range.  Once you turn off the time range, the TP/SL range goes off.  So,  two questions: 1) if I leave on the time range, do I just set that to 00:00 / 00:00 so that the EA does not stop trading at the end of the day?  2) if I turn off the time range, then the SL/TP range turns off.  But will that SL/TP range still work even if the toggle isn’t blue (for on)?



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