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1 year ago #271191


I know this could be an easy task for many, but I’m still unable to get it

We are in Italy, which is GMT+1.

I’ve tried cloning in many ways, using different options, but I’m still getting wrong results, in example:

1) Days of the week – Saturday and Sunday should not appear

2) if I put as a condition to exclude a certain Day of the week, I’m still seeing it. In other words, I’m still seeing trades opened on Monday even if “Day of the week <>Monday” is in the conditions

3) same problems about “hour of the day”


So I know something is totally wrong

Please, considering we are in Italy, anyone could tell me what kind of clone setting should I use to have a week starting at Monday 00:00:00 and ending at Friday 23:59:00?

And what about summer saving time change?

thank you so much



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1 year ago #271321

Hi, do you mean you setup a strategy using AlgoWIzard having time filtering conditions in place? Can you attach the strategy created? You need to clone the data into your brokers timezone. Depending on the timezone and market open / close time there can be some weekend data. If you are more specific about instrument and broker we could check



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1 year ago #271324

where you live doesnt matter, you need to clone your data to your broker timezone

most of the brokers are UTC2 with US DST – so clone the data to EST07 – its UTC2 with US DST

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