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    I would like to clarify how the Martingale MM works. Can’t find documentation. Please let me know if my understanding is correct:

    • Only 1 trade open each time, not a basket of trades at the same time
    • All trades have the same SL,TP etc.
    • If trade loses, next trade will increase by the lot multiplier
    • Lots get reset when a trade closes in profit, or max lots is hit

    This is quite different from the usual Martingale where a basket of trades is opened and SL/TP is computed on a basket basis.


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    your understanding is correct. This is the way it is implemented in the current version. If you want to have another version implemented you can do it so by adding Java snippets or you can build a new version a of manual martingale (position sizing). You can check the example attach how to build a money-management method manually using AlgoWizard

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    Thanks for that.


    Another question relating to this type of strategy: I know how to create a strategy with multiple trades (not FIFO).  But, will there be a build in the future that will add an input field for max open trades after EA is compiled?  Thanks.

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