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    Hi Thomas262

    I’m studing some portfolios in Quant Analyzer 4 (version 4.20.2), Analyze menu, overview tab.

    I have compared Monthly perfomance results in $ (Money) and % (Percentages) and I have seen several important diferences (bugs?).

    It Starts calculating percentages well for the firsts months analyzed, but when months goes on, for example in the fifth year or more, it does not calculate well the percentage of each month!!. Mainly each january!

    I have export each Monthly perfomance to excel and the monthly % results are so different than QAnalyzer….

    I have seen this error with dozens portfolios.

    Please can you check it??

    Thank you

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    please if you can post some attachment with details about the problem. We need to see if the problem is already reported or a new one

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    I have also noticed this error and wrote about it here:

    My issue was mainly about $ (Money) though, I haven’t checked for % (Percentages). Basically, the values on the “Monthly Performance ($)” on the “Overview” tab are not accurate. They are fairly close, but not 100% accurate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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