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    Hi there, I am doing a trial of SQx currently.

    Managed to get some ‘passed’ strategies using the GBPUSD simple H1 workflow but could not get the exported mq5/compiled MT5 .exe to work even after loading the SQ custom indicators required, getting the 4802 error.

    I tried it with mq4/copiled MT4 .exe and they seem to work fine, I am guessing this is because the strategies were initially generated using the MT4 engine in the Workflow? If that is the case, then I would need to generate using MT5 engine only if I require MT5 EAs? Or is this not so…

    many thanks in advance.

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    please send me the strategy file (SQX) to I will rather check where the problem could be whether on your side or with the strategy

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    Thank you for your offer of help Tomas, looks like I sorted it.

    I had put the SQx custom indicators initially in the subfolder  \MQL5\Indicators\Examples , probably the EAs could not read it from that location, once I moved them to the main \MQL5\Indicators, problem solved.

    Had another question though, more for Metaquotes really but if anyone has a workaround  …. in MT4, once I load the mql4 files, I could just refresh ‘Expert Advisors’ from Navigator and they get compiled and show up ready to load on chart, quite handy if I did not want to close and restart MT4 …that does not seem to work in MT5? Any workaround without having to close and restart?

    thanks again

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    i think that refreshing works for me also in MT5, but i am suing it as portable version

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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