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    I’m wondering how long should be the period to test a new strategy IS+OOS.

    Of course to have statistical relevance the testing period should be long enough.

    But on the other side, having historical data on Forex since 2003 I don’t think it’s too smart using such an old data because the market probably will have suffered several changes. I mean; who cares to find an excelent strategy in 2006, probably this strategy will rejected in 2016. So why should I look for a tradeable strategy using 2006 historical data?



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    Finding a strategy that has done all throughout the years (10 years+) is best IMHO.  My view on this is if it has done well for 10 years, why would it fail when I start it?

    Once I find one that has a good 10 year equity curve, I then run it thru the gauntlet of tests.  Usually it fails so it will take some time to find a good one.

    Ryan Guderian

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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