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    I note the Clone to Timezone function.. useful to ensure that I can test strategies on the same timeframe as my broker.

    For strategies that I’ve already configured on the standard UTC timezone.. is it possible that I change the timezone in the EA? I’ve had a look at the EA settings and I can’t see if this is an option.

    Or is there a simpler way to do this?

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    if a strategy does not work with a time value there is no need to change anything basically.

    If a strategy uses a specific time range to open trade you need to either modify the input parameter to offset the timezone shift or edit the MQL code manually

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    i reccomend you to retest everything for the correct UTC, imagine building block as CLOSE DAILY, so every UTC will be different – its not so easy to tell if the results will be totally different, but its a question of building blocks…some building blocks are time dependent

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    Yes I also recommend to always make sure your historical data is time synchronized with your broker data, do not forget to set DST properly as well.

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