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    Hi, I have a SQX file of 96kb which I have optimized for a certain ccy pair. I then use the same SQX file on the Optimizer for a different ccy pair. When I saved the resulting SQX files, they suddenly ballooneed to over 100MB in size. Any idea why this is happening? I’m using the latest build 122.1877. I didn’t get this problem in earlier versions.

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    if you save it after optimization, you save also every optimisation run…

    if you have 20000 runs, the file will be 20000x bigger

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    Essentially what’s happening is the optimization results are being saved with the strategy. You do not need to keep these files unless you plan on looking over these results again without having to do tests. You only need to worry about keeping the original version of the strategy produced. You can revert back to it at any time by unchecking any additional tests and retesting the strategy on the whole dataset.

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    we know about this and it will be solved from the big part in the next build. The biggest data that are stored are complete results of all optimizations that are used mainly for drawing 3D optimization chart in Optimization profile.

    Most people never use it, so we refactored it a little and by default these data will be not saved to the file. Saving can be enabled explicitly in configuration.

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