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Recognizing results in WF Matrix around custom field

The original request:

is there a way to choose a specific cell in WFM which a certain number of surronding cells have to have Pass?
i.e. I want to have a passed WFM if 4 cells that surrond the 10 Runs and 20%OOS cell have a pass result. I don’t want that SQX choose the best cell according to surrounding results, but instead I want to define which cell I need to have surrounding passed cells.

Yes, it is possible, the easiest way to do it is by using Custom Analysis snippet that can be started right after the optimization.

Commented CustomAnalysis snippet code:

package SQ.CustomAnalysis;

import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

import com.strategyquant.tradinglib.*;
import com.strategyquant.tradinglib.optimization.WalkForwardMatrixResult;

public class CAWFMCheck extends CustomAnalysisMethod {
    public static final Logger Log = LoggerFactory.getLogger("CAWFMCheck");
    public CAWFMCheck() {
        super("CA WFM check", TYPE_FILTER_STRATEGY);
    public boolean filterStrategy(String project, String task, String databankName, ResultsGroup rg) throws Exception {

        // how many neighbours must pass for WF Matrix to pass?
        int neighboursToPass = 3;

        // find the wanted WF result in strategy ResultsGroup - in our case 10 Runs and 20% OOS
        WalkForwardResult wfResult;
        try {
            wfResult = findWFResult(rg, 20, 10); // 10 Runs and 20%OOS
        } catch(Exception e) {
  "WFResult not found: " + e.getMessage());

            return true;

        // create WFM matrix as two dimensional array
        WalkForwardMatrixResult wfm = (WalkForwardMatrixResult) rg.mainResult().get(SettingsKeys.WalkForwardResult);
        WalkForwardResult[][] wfMatrix = createMatrix(wfm);
        int matrixRows = wfMatrix.length;
        int matrixColumns = wfMatrix[0].length;

        // now go through this two-dimensional array and look for neighbours of our chosen WF result
        for(int rowIndex=0; rowIndex<matrixRows; rowIndex++) {						
            for(int colIndex=0; colIndex<matrixColumns; colIndex++) {
                if(wfMatrix[rowIndex][colIndex].param1 == wfResult.param1 && wfMatrix[rowIndex][colIndex].param2 == wfResult.param2) {
                    //WF result position found in the matrix, check neighbours
                    int neighboursPassed = 0;
                    int neighboursChecked = 0;
                    for(int neighbourRowIndex=rowIndex-1; neighbourRowIndex<=rowIndex+1; neighbourRowIndex++) {
                        if(neighbourRowIndex<0 || neighbourRowIndex>=matrixRows) {
                        for(int neighbourColIndex=colIndex-1; neighbourColIndex<=colIndex+1; neighbourColIndex++) {
                            if(neighbourColIndex<0 || neighbourColIndex>=matrixColumns) {
                            if(neighbourRowIndex==rowIndex && neighbourColIndex==colIndex) {
                            WalkForwardResult wfResultNeighbour = wfMatrix[neighbourRowIndex][neighbourColIndex];
                            if(wfResultNeighbour.passed) {
          "Neighbours checked %d / passed %d", neighboursChecked, neighboursPassed));

                    // found the WF Result, passed neighbours checked. Compare to threshold value
                    return neighboursPassed >= neighboursToPass;
        return false;
    private WalkForwardResult findWFResult(ResultsGroup rg, int param1, int param2) throws Exception {
        WalkForwardMatrixResult wfm = (WalkForwardMatrixResult) rg.mainResult().get(SettingsKeys.WalkForwardResult);
        if(wfm==null) {
            throw new Exception("WFMatrixResult not found.");
        return wfm.getWFResult(param1, param2);

    private WalkForwardResult[][] createMatrix(WalkForwardMatrixResult wfm) throws Exception {
        int rows = 0;
        int columns = 0;

        for(int j=wfm.start2; j<=wfm.stop2; j+=wfm.increment2) rows++;
        for(int i=wfm.start1; i<=wfm.stop1; i+=wfm.increment1) columns++;
        WalkForwardResult[][] wfMatrix = new WalkForwardResult[rows][columns];

        int param1Index = 0;
        int param2Index = 0;
        for(int j=wfm.start2; j<=wfm.stop2; j+=wfm.increment2) {		
            for(int i=wfm.start1; i<=wfm.stop1; i+=wfm.increment1) {
                WalkForwardResult wfResult = wfm.getWFResult(i, j);
                wfMatrix[param2Index][param1Index] = wfResult; 
        return wfMatrix;



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December 23, 2021 12:53 am

excellent ! thank you

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