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    Hi all. Very new SQ user and first forum post.

    Trying to be sensible and looking at options for backing up my SQ strategies, configs, databanks etc before I get too far along. So far I’ve compiled this list of options:

    1. Use Google Drive to sync C:/ SQ/user folders (would have to pay for extra storage pretty soon)

    2. Put SQ into C:/Documents folder and let my existing OneDrive subscription sync it from there (apparently you can only do Desktop/Documents/Photos folders)

    3. Copy C:/ SQ/user folder to OneDrive folder using xcopy and Task Scheduler (one way copy so no data will be deleted)

    3. Copy C:/ SQ/user folder to OneDrive folder using SyncToy and Task Scheduler (this is what I’ve opted for)

    What does everyone else do?

    Are there any other folders worth backing up?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i am backing only final strategies, final portfolios and setting or workflow files

    this i have in the separate window and using google drive without any problem and 15GB is for free

    its nonsense to backup nonfinal strategies, or data from SQ itself

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    Great thanks. If you haven’t hit the limit then I’m not likely to soon :-)

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    why would you back up the software itself? this is done only in the very unlikely scenario that the SSD fails completely, or the entire PC blows up or some catastrophic crash of the windows itself, a crash from which you cant recover. Although technically possible, these are very unlikely if the hardware is of decent quality and not old crap. For this kind of scenarios, you can make an image of the entire disk C and windows, and repeat this every few months but like hankeys said, it doesn’t worth backing up the entire software online.

    For final, working strategies, there is always an option of an external portable hard drive.

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    It’s not the software I was concerned about – mostly databanks that are in the process of being generated, being currently worked on or being stored.

    For the latter I was thinking that it might be an idea to store whole databanks at some or even all stages of my workflow. That way if at some point I decided to change any of the steps in my workflow, e.g. remove a robustness test, add in a different type of optimisation etc, I could run all the databank from the first or previous step through the new process without having to generate them again.

    I’ve read with great interest a lot of the posts on here, including yours on the 3900X Ivan, that describe one of the greatest challenges being the time time taken to generate strategies and the benefits of having a faster computer, albeit providing you are adept enough at being able to use that extra horsepower. I was figuring by storing a lot of databanks that would mean I wouldn’t have to rework so many steps if I changed things in the future. Obviously there’s the issue of time making databank obsolescence a factor but ultimately storage is very cheap and time is very expensive. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here in which case I’m sure I’ll be corrected :-)

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    You are right, storage is very cheap nowadays. If you are so concerned about possible data loss I would recommend to setup a simple regular backup offered in Win OS for example that would backup the entire SQ folder

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