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11 months ago #282341

I’m a new user so sorry if this question has been asked.

1. Whenever i tried to use algowizard to quantify high and low of candle, i assume the outcome is measured in pips. To add into the pip value I was told that I need to add a function called #piptoprice before adding the numerical. Eg ((day high-daylow)/2), do i need to add #piptoprice func before the each day high and daylow before applying /2?


2. Is there any detail documentation on each builtin functions of Algowizard so we can refer to?


3. Do we have any course, video or documentation on deploying template in details. Eg if I apply SL or TP in my own template, deploy it in builder, does that mean that whatever additional SL or TP settings we ticked will be overridden by our initial template instead? And what if we set no TP or SL in builder, will it also ignore the template instructions.

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11 months ago #282373


1) ConvertPipsToPrice gives you price offset derived from pips amount set. For example you need to set BUY STOP at Prev Day High + 10 pips.

You would achieve this by HighDaily[1] + ConvertPipsToPrice(10) … you are converting 10 pips to a price offset and adding this offset to the price

2) we do not have all functions documented. We are still working on docs but most function are intuitive to use and we provide support for users if any doubts

3) If your template does not use SL or PT it will not be used in the builder even if it is set as “required” by the builder


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