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    Hi Mark,
    I’m having a problem with a new server IBM x3850 x5, it have 4 CPUs e7-4870, so a total of 40 cores, and 80 threads. When i launch SQX and try to set all the threads it appears “total cores available 40” when it should be 80. I have just activated the virtualization and all the threads are working, tested by CPU-z benchmark. I have activated all the cores inside the bios settings, so is not a bios problem and actually all the core are tested with other software, by the way i’m running all this stuff over Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition. So can you suggest a solution to enable all the threads inside your software?
    I’m attaching the log file and some screenshot to prove what i’m talking about.
    Waiting your answer as soon as possible.

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    i would be curious to know the power consumption of such a system, running in full load 24 hours a day. From a few reviews, it would be around 600 – 650W

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    Java cant see more then one group as created by Windows when you have more then 60 threads. So with 80- threads you will have 2 groups of 40 threads and will have to run 2 SQx with affinity set to each group. Or you can turn of hyperthreading in bios and run 40 singel cores and now SQx will use all 40 cores.

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    There is obviously a way around this but it is complicated and demands changes made in SQx. I have now seen evidence that a user have it running on 160 threads. Mark also know that it can be done i heard from third party.

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    Dear mabi

    Do you have any setting or article about over 64 threads thank you.

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