Does SQ make Tradestation Easylanguage Codes properly?

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Jinhee Lee

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1 year ago #255000



I’ve made Tradestation Easylanguage codes by SQ3 and SQX.

However strategies which passed MC and WF tests by SQ don’t work (make profit) on  TS and SQ trade lists differ from TS trade lists.

Why this happens? I imported the exact data from TS to SQ and imported all indicators from SQ to TS.


Thank you!






Mark Fric

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1 year ago #255006

Hello Jinhee,

thetre could be several reasons, but there are not known an issues with EasyLanguage code in SQ.

If you’ll send us the strategy we’ll investigate it.

The best is to report such kind of issue in our Roadmap task system and attach your strategy (in .sqx format)


StrategyQuant architect



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1 year ago #255114

I’ve found that when i simply paste the easylanguage code into a new strategy that i need to make sure i then add it to a new chart.

If i paste the code over the top of another strategy and then compile it while its attached to a chart the results turn out wrong.

So i create a new strategy is easylanguage, compile it, then add a new chart to the workspace then attach the strategy.

Using this method all my strategies have been very very close or exact Sq4 vs Tradestation.


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