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    hi guys,

    by WAN, i want to connect SQ working at my home from my office.

    by LAN, my house has 3 routers: 1  fib modem, 2 local routers.  My laptop connect with router A ( and SQ PC connect with router B (, i want make a local remote access between A and B.

    is it feasible ?




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    because currently i see only http://localhost:8080 there, how can i change the url?

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    i think it depends on the software you want to use to connect remotely, if its Windows Desktop Remote or TeamViewer…etc

    i use Windows Desktop Remote Connection but on the same router both computers (same physical location). I haven’t tried but i speculate that it could work on different routers because you only need two things: name of the host computer and the password

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    hi ivan,

    I think windows remote desktop and teamviewer is another issue. The first thing is whether we can change the default url http://localhost:8080

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    to access SQ within your LAN both routers must be within the same network using the same IP range. To access from the outside you need to open the port 8080 and use port forwarding. It should allow you to access SQX (using your public assigned IP)

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    hi tomas,

    same range means 2 IPs must be in same group of 254 IPs?

    does and in same range? both 2 routers connect to same modem

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