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    Hello, i would like to use a fibo level strat., so i like to open buy order, if price touch 38,2 % retracement.

    Low should be lowest point of last 10 candles and stochastic was under 20.
    High should be highest point last 10 Candles and stochastic was over 70.

    I tried, but not working with the levels.

    Can anybody help with a example ?

    regards Uwe

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    check the example attached (long only)

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    Hello, thanks, I’ll try it :)

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    Hello tomas,
    hm, no order will be opened.

    Maybe it’s so much easier:
    last Stoch Main under 20 is the Low, last Stoch Main over 80 is the High. Low should be 0 percent, high should be 100 percent. Now I want to open long if price is 38% retracement and TP 110%. Can you do such an example, with me that works with the percentage calculation somehow not.

    thank you

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