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    Hello, I’ve just discovered AlgoWizard and I would need some support to create my EA for MT4.

    When I’m going to set the Close price for my strategy the software also ask me about the Shift but I don’t know what that mean and what value should I use. Can someone help me to understand the functionality of this parameter?

    I would also want that my EA open always the highest possibile size posiition when a trade is triggered without setting the stop loss and the target.

    For example let’s say that I have an account of 10000$ with a 1:2 leverage account and want to trade the USD/JPY pair. I want that the EA opens the maximum position size i.e. 20 microlots when a trade is triggered. Now lets assume that the trade was a succesfull one and my balance raise to 12000$, now I want that the EA opens a position of 24 microlots and so on.

    Thanks in advance

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    the Shift refers to an index of a bar in history. That is Shift = 1 refers to the last closed bar. Shift = 10 refers to the bar value 10 bars back.

    As for the position size settings we do no have functions to work with margin but you can do it a simple way by setting up a new variable (type ‘double’) called ‘lotSize’ and assigning a formula to it like

    lotSize = Account Balance / 500 * 0.01 …. I suppose for each $500 you can trade 1 micro-lot …. this will ensure you will always go full size

    Alternatively instead of ‘Account Balance’ you can use ‘Account Equity’ which includes open PL of your existing trades

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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