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    I’ve got a strategy that uses signals on the M15 and H2 timeframe.

    In Metatrader, i have loaded M15 data from (Dukascopy tick data does not go back far enough)

    Unfortunately there is no where I can find to get H2 backtest data that goes back as far as I need.  Only M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D.

    When i run the SQX backtest in MT4, no trades are placed.  I believe this is because I have only M15 historical data in Metatrader, and I don’t have H2 data.

    My Question: In the absence of tickdata, how can i backtest the M15 and H2 time frames in MT4, where H2 is not a standard time frame, and I dont have H2 specific data? The strategy is attached.

    Please Note: I am NOT looking for feedback on how good or bad the strategy is. I am just looking for feedback on the timeframe issue.

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    basic question is – how do you want to trade H2 TF in MT4? because its not implemented in MT4…

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    Yes. That is exactly my question.

    H2 is the constant with the 120 period, and it is implemented, according to the documentation :

    The only problem is how to get the H2 data in.  For MQL5, it seems you have to import tick data and M1 data, then it works.  Just need to find out how to do it for MQL4.

    Hankeys do you know how to do this in MT4? Or can you provide any useful guidance?




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