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    Hello Traders

    Let say, I have an H4 – D1 MTF strategy. To test in on H1 and M30 is easy.
    But I got an error, if I switch on D1 – this is obvious. But the question is: how to test it on higher timeframe?

    Or should I rather choose H4 – Monthly setup? Then it wont be a problem to test it on D1.

    Thank you!

    Best regards

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    you have some proof that this setting on something like higher/lower TFs will lead to a better strategies? i am afraid that not…

    the strategy was produced on H4/D1 logic, why it should work also on some lower/higher TF?

    entry is on H4, D1 is only a filter – what is the logic behind the presumption that it must work on something like H4/W1, or another combinations?

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    107 Posts

    Hello Hankeys

    I think, that I expressed myself probably wrong. I dont want to test a H4-D1 strategy on H4-W1 relation.
    I just wanted to follow a bit the video course and I wanted to test it on higher and lower timeframe too.

    On what I am thinking? Let say you have a H1 strategy and you test it on M30 and H4. But in my situation (H4 – D1) I can just test H1-D1, so just the lower timeframe, because D1 – D1 goes not.

    That’s why was my question, if the generation should be rather already from the beginning H4- W1 relation (and not H4-D1) , because so I could test H1 -W1 and D1 – W1 also.

    And I think yes, changing the TF-s (lower and higher) makes the strategy stronger.

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