MT4 robot not trading after migrating from demo account – Help?

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1 year ago #255461

I have been tracking some robots in fx blue in my demo account. i have selected some performing strategies to go into another account with the same broker, same magic number etc. yet they are not placing any trades. I know they are not placing any trdes because fx blue on my demo account is still recoriding trades for these robots ive migrated. any suggestions why this is?



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1 year ago #255464

fxblue cant cause this, it is only tool for reporting….it cant operate any EAs or trades

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1 year ago #255539

What does the journal say? Did you select “allow live trading” in the settings of the EA in the common tab and also select “allow automated trading” in the settings of the terminal? One or both can become unchecked when you change accounts.

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