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    Forget about bias…

    Where did you learn that an equity needs to have 45 degrees, and what does it even mean, what degrees?

    I do not use z probability.

    I do use SQN, but only in preparation for DPS (dynamic position sizing), it is only for my personal investigation, on other instruments like futures…I will comeback on this one in the near future and will post some interesting findings…

    I cannot give you practical advice, nobody on this forum can…everything is too fresh, there is 0 practical evidence, we are just getting started…now we all have a “blind leading blind” syndrome.

    Remember also that Google is your best friend ;)


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    is a reply to NOTCH……..not to you (Coensio)….I wanted to read another point of view…about trading  and this equity above (NOTCH)

    thanks Gianfranco

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    coensio with which time zone have you created the strategy?

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