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    I am a newbie but I have a question. When it takes much longer to generate strategies because of conditions and filters, is that

    as good thing or a bad thing? For instance if the software is only generating 3-4 strategies an hour. Is that ok or are we allready curvefitting them then?


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    the general rule is to use only the filters when you understand the way they work. Otherwise you probably wasting your CPU power and you can easily filter out good strategies easily. The best way to learn is to use(add) one by one

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    it depends on your setting and your PC specs….without knowing what exactly are you trying to find, nobody will tell you anything usefull

    by 3-4 strats you mean some final strats after whole workflow, or only from builder?

    what are your PC specs?

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    Thanks for the reply everyone. I mean that during the building proces it generates around 5 strategies for instance. I have seen some videos from casey and I have learned some stuff there.

    I have the following computer, you can see in the attachment.


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