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    After building a strategy I exported the results to retester. I configured it and started the retester and it worked well for a few minutes – producing results at a nice rapid rate. Then it ground to a complete halt. I tried to restart again and it was extremely sluggish, taking a long time to do a single strategy and then after a minute or so, ground to a complete halt again. I switched the program off then restarted and tried to export the results from builder back into tester and this time an error message came up saying “GC overhead limit exceeded”. In fact, whenever I tried to do almost anything that came up.

    Finally, I gave up and came back to it again this morning. I managed to successfully migrate results back to retester, I started it and it ran well for a few minutes then ground to a halt again. Attached is a screenshot of when the tester grinds to a halt in the middle of a retest.

    I am really keen to carry on with my retests and produce my first strategies but seem to be hitting some kind of a wall. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

    Cheers, Russell

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    we would need your complete settings ideally together with strategies generated to try to reproduce the issue. If it’s possible please archive the strategies being re-tested and save the retester configuration as shown on the screenshot attached. Please send to so we can investigate what happens

    You can also directly create a ticket for developers using our roadmap tool:

    There is a new version 131 coming out soon which could have this already resolved but we would rather check to be sure

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