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    building strategies on cadchf and testing on eurcad but not finding any to pass profit factor of 1.1 on same backtest data. do find some on cadjpy but not sure this is relevant.


    any thoughts?


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    for me its simple, every CHF pair is “damaged” because of the behavior of central bank and what happend 15.1.2015

    and what TF you want to trade with CADCHF? if i take a look at the spread value, ill not try anything lower than D1

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    You can find strategies on those instruments if you lower the demand on what is a good strategy. My GBGCHF, CADCHF, AUDCHF and NZDCHF is profitable so far this year. More from luck thought 2 good trades and sideways typo but far better performance then from EURUSD in my portfolios

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    im building on 1hr and m30 but i like multi time frames so i pair m30 with 4hr and 1hr with daily


    id not though about other pairs other than usdchf but will try the others you metion mabi

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    I agree with hankeys

    you can barely find working strategies on lower timeframes on major pairs, its a waste of time and electricity trying to find on crosses or exotic pairs

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