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    So ive created a strategy, completed all robustness tests including WFM. It tells me i need to reoptomize every 1500 days. should this be done prior to testing on demo account or live trading?


    If so how does one take optimized settings and put them into ea for running


    thanks for your assistance in adavance

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    i dont like oprimisations and i dont like WFM neither :)

    i am living without it…

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    It seems to me that optimize a SQx   (Forex) strategy gives very little benefit if any. They are already optimized since SQx finds 100rds of version of the same strategy but only saves the best one and duplicates are deleted. The benefit can be to see if the strategy can be optimized without failing thus proving that it has a robust set of variables that even if changed does not impact it’s historical performance in any great way.

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