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    When you add the correct spread value for backtesting or any of the cross checks is that measured in pip size or tick step?

    For example Dukascopy GBP/USD has a pip size of 0.0001 and a tick step of 0.00001. So if you are entering a spread of 3 do you add it as a whole number and SQ takes care of it or do you have to add the correct decimals ie 0.0003?

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    Additionally I have seen differences between brokers and data sources on where the decimal place is placed in the price data. For example for UK stocks the broker IG has all prices in pence whereas Dukascopy has the same prices in pounds by shifting the decimal place to the left.

    So if I install the strategy code onto MetaTrader with the broker is it sufficient to change the tick size data information at the beginning of the Metatrader code generated by SQ so that it matches the correct decimals on the broker data? I’m assuming that is the only location it needs to changed?

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    for currencies its simple – its in pips, so for GBPUSD 3 is good

    but trading indices as CFDs is different world – every broker could have different specs, different trading hours and thus the datafeed – so simple said – dukascopy data cant be used, backtest will not be realiable and you will be getting different trades with your broker

    there are some ways how this could be avoided – adjust the dukascopy data as much as possible by the settings in the datamanager and manually alter the datafeed. Basics could be done by setting the correct tickpip size and step…but this is the simple part

    For some indices i am using altered dukascopy data, for some of the futures data

    i have done this for the past and from may2017 i am collecting real tick data from my brokers feeds for trading indices and connect them manually to the improved dukascopy or futures data

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