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    There are three modules in the installed SQX folder to create an EA.
    What is the planning for the interaction of the following modules?

    1. SQWizard: is a standalone tool for creating EA’s that are not optimized over SQX, tested, …. Monte Carlo analysis, walk-forward test … can be?

    2. Algo-Wizard integrated into SQX: offers the complete possibility to create, optimize and test EA’s within SQX …. Monte Carlo Analysis, Walk-Forward-Test …?

    3. Algo-Wizard as an application in the SQX folder: Should this application be able to do the same thing as the Algo Wizard integrated in SQX?
    Can programs created with this be optimized and tested in SQX …. Monte Carlo Analysis, Walk Forward Test …? Which of the three mentioned tools SQWizard, Algo-Wizard, Algo-Wizard integriet in SQX) do I have to use to be able to perform all tests and optimizations with SQX when SQX is released?

    I’ll create an ea and then have the opportunity to test and optimize it via the test and analysis …. Monte Carlo analysis, walk-forward test …? So far, SQWizard offers me the most flexibility. Can this flexibility be built into the Algo Wizard which is built into SQX?

    Can I contribute as far as creating the tool so that I get the necessary flexibility, tools and features to create flexible ea’s (like


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    1. SQwizard it not usable in SQX

    2. YES

    3: Algowizard and Algo-Wizard is the same and it is a part of SQX. You can use all the option which SQX offers but is it still in development. IMO they will finish it in one/two months

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    Thank you, Now I can continue to work on the improvement.

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