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    I am using a threadripper 3990x with 64 cores/128 threads. SQX configuration shows “total cores available 64” and could only use 64 threads in maximum. When I look at the task manager, half of the 128 threads are not utilized.

    My windows version is win10 pro which should support 128 threads.

    My task manager shows only 1 CPU socket. Someone says there should be 2: I am not sure whether it is the problem and if so, what is the cause?


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    if you have issue utilizing all the 128 cores then with having 64 cores processor with hyper-threading turned off then SQ would use all cores.

    Now if the HT is turned on you can run 2 SQX instances with CPU affinity split in Task Manager so you assign 64 threads for each instance

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    Thank you. Now after some searches I understand the problem is with the Windows processor group limit. One processor group is 64 threads in maximum and an application not specifically designed to work with multiple processor groups can only utilize the threads in one single group. I will try to use multiple SQX instances to max out the threads.

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