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    Hey all.   Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction within SQX forum or instructions based on what I am trying to build.  One of my favorite indicators for manual trading is TDI.  Within SQX, someone has already built it and I uploaded to SQX as a custom indicator (thanks to whoever did this :)  ).  The problem is that it is almost impossible to Build a strategy based solely on clicking on the TDI in the Indictor under Builder.  Regardless of pair or TF, I do get a couple of strategies, but there is always a huge outlier trade even though I have ticked no outlier trades in the filters.  Also, under the trading options, I just want to have the EA place market orders based solely on the TDI “shark fin” and have set the parameters which don’t seem to be working.


    So, does anyone know of a tutorial within SQX that shows me how to set up a strategy in builder that trades solely on the Indicator section in Building Blocks?  IE: no signals checked.  Thanks for your help.



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    did you try to put the TDI to the MT platform to see if the logic of it or logic of your strategies make sense?

    what building blocks are added to the SQX with the TDI?

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    There are plenty of Indictors for TDI for MT4.  So I know how to use it in the terminal.  Like I said, it is a favorite of mine for manual trading.


    Having an outside indicator in MT4 is not what I am talking about.  It is trying to Build a strategy in SQX that is the problem.  When you load a custom Indicator into SQX (in this case, the TDI from SQX site), it is put into the Indictor area and Stop/Limit area in the Building Blocks.   There is nothing loaded into the Signals area.  So you don’t tick anything in there as long as you use the TDI indicator.  BUT, when you do not have a Signal checked in the Building Blocks and just the Indicator, the TP/SL  in the “What to Build” does not work.  You need to use the ranges in the Trading Options area.  And in that area, you need to use the time ranges tick first before you can use the TP/SL ranges.  See all attached.


    That is why I am looking for a SQX tutorial for using JUST indicators and no signals in Building.  It is VERY difficult to make strategies using exclusively the Indicators in the building blocks.


    I know the trading style works.  I just cannot create a strategy using one or more Indicators only (no Signals checked).



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    do you understand correctly that you want to create ‘signals’ based on the imported indicator? If you cannot attach files here please send to we can check if there is any issue or not

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