Strategy fot DAX30 in 4H

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1 year ago #271171

I have been using the SQ3 for a year and now I am using the new SQX, I usually trade on DAX30 so i do the EAs for DAX.

I would like to share the settings that I am using right now for the searches, I would like you to tell me what you think and if you see any point to improve, so that I can open a debate on index strategies.

When I have the strategies and are ready to optimize them, I will pass another file with the retest to reopen a debate and thus be able to get as much information as possible about indices and SQX.

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1 year ago #271271

basic problem for CFDs and indices are data and totally different specifications for those markets

you can have broker with trading hours 8-22, 2:15-22 or 3:30-23

1 decimals or 2 decimals

point value 10 or 25

etc. etc.

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