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    Hello to all

    How can i modify my EA to open a single position on the signal?

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    these are trades that open and close inside the same bar. It usually is a problem when the backtesting precision is too low. If you are getting a lot of these strategies consider using smaller timeframe or increase SL & PT size significantly.

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    Thanks for the response, Tomas.

    Questions I have on this topic:

    How many trades is ‘too many’ ?

    How can we configure this value?

    What if we don’t care about this, and we want strategies to pass this. Where can we toggle this criteria on/off?




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    ranking tab – automatic filters

    there is also some info, what “too many” means and we cant set it differently, its hardcoded

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    Got it. Thanks Hankeys.

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    This is an interesting topic that I wanted to chime in on.  I finally got a couple of strategies that could last 10-15 years in back test without failing.  During the building process, retesting and testing other pairs, I have the filter on for “too many trades closing at the same bar” set to true (see attached) and for SQX to discard those strategies.  Going through obviously millions of strategies with all these filters I get to two, but then when putting them into the Optimizer, both always come up with failing due to too many trades closing at the same bar.  I looked through the trades in detail and there are no trades that over lap each other (contiguous).  So, what exactly does this failing really mean?  And why does it only come up in the Optimizer?


    Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks.

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