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    I am trying strategy quant x trial and trying to understand if it can fit my needs. I have some basic knowledge of algo trading and also good basic of trading with TA.

    So I started testing the product and I am really enjoying it.


    But I have a big question mark that I am not able to solve, I also searched on the wiki/forum but got no answers.

    Is it possible to configure the strategy builder to create strategies that use a max of a single building block group?


    For example, let’s say i know that exist a particular strategy that use a combination of Bollinger band, stochastic, internal bar strength (a custom block self made), is possible to create a sort of blueprint that has as condition for the entry the 3 given indicator and let the builder compute the best parameters?

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    you can make your own template in algowizard and run builder with this template

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    Actually a template does not have to necessary. Simply select only those building block you really want to see within your strategy and SQ will add enough randomness to search for a possible solution

    Templates are used once you want to build a very specific rules for a strategy. Surely you can set it up with more or less ‘freedom’

    You can check some articles on templating in SQ

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