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    I’m probably over thinking this however I can’t seem to find the answer.

    I’m coding some custom blocks for use in MT4/5,  0 is the bar being built and 1 is the bar just closed.

    It would seem, as I’m building blocks based on Tradestation code that 0 is the bar just closed.

    So when creating custom blocks which do I use?

    Close[0] or Close[1] for the bar just closed?

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    the current bar close can be referenced as Close[0] in EasyLanguage

    In MetaTrader 4/5 last closed bar is referenced as Close[1]

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    Hey Tomas,.
    I may not have been clear with my question.

    When coding a custom block l, if coded to MT4/5 parameters will SQX convert that code correctly to Tradestation code?

    Does the backtest engine selected in the settings of AlgoWizard account for the difference?


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    very good questions…someone also telling that STOP or LIMIT orders cant be used that those platforms doesnt have BARS VALID function…is this true or not?

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