Portfolio Master

a tool to automatically find the perfect portfolio of your strategies.

Portfolio Master checks all possible combinations of strategies a chooses the one that gives the best results.

Portfolio Master in Free version is limited to max. 4 strategies in portfolio.

Runs on Windows 10/8.1/7

How to choose the best porfolio? Portfolio Master is your solution.

Imagine you have about 20 strategies for futures, but you can trade only 5 of them. You have to choose the best portfolio of 5 from all 20 strategies.

Or imagine a situation when you have 1 strategy that works perfectly in 20 different markets. However, your capital is too low and therefore you can afford only 5.
Again, you have to pick 5 markets, in which you will run the strategy.
But how can you find the best 5 markets?

This is what Portfolio Master does.

It is also important to consider sectors. You can have your strategies on indices, precious metals, meat or currencies.

Correlation of strategies

One of the key functions is automatic filtering by strategy correlation.

It allows to build the portfolio so that the correlation of strategies is as low as possible.

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Sector support

If you have multiple strategies from different sectors, you will appreciate this function. It allows to build the portfolio so that strategies from different sectors are equally represented.

You can learn more about use of sectors in portfolios: Using sectors in portfolios

Automatic filtering by conditions

Now you are able to automatically filter out portfolios that don’t fulfill the given conditions.

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Using Out of sample part

when using Genetic search in Portfolio master you are able to reserve some part of he data as an Out of sample part.

This means that this part will be not used in genetic evolution, the engine will not “see” this part when it evolves the population of portfolios in genetic evolution.

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create your own models of evaluation or calculation of the correlation in QuantEditor.

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Free version has he following limitations:
  • Money Management – you can only see results for 30 % of your trades
  • Equity control – you can only see results for 30 % of your trades
  • Portfolio Master – limited to the maximum of 4 strategies
  • Compare results – limited to the first 50 trades only


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