QuantAnalyzer changelog

QuantAnalyzer 4.9.2

Released September 2022 (v. QuantAnalyzer 4.9.2)

    • Added Max exposure values to Overview & new databank columns
    • Fixed portfolio loading by symbols/comments
    • Order ticket now supports long number size instead of integer
    • Improved MT5 reports loading
    • Equity chart volumes for time are computed daily
    • Fixed stagnation computation
    • Fixed decimal values display in databank for very small numbers
    • Added loading of Magic Numbers from MT4 reports
    • Fixed UTF8 encoding for Chinese users when license check was not working
    • Fixed Yahoo data downloader in Equity chart
    • Possibility to customize date format of loaders in file /settings/DateFormats.csv
    • Added recognition of timeframes for SQX loaders
    • Fixed default point values for JPY pairs in loading dialog